Statement from ESSO and BASO concerning the war in the Ukraine


As medical professional associations with members throughout the world, the European Society of Surgical Oncology and British Society of Surgical Oncology strongly condemn the use of violence and stands in solidarity with those who are undergoing a difficult time as a consequence of political crisis and conflicts in Ukraine. Common ground shall be found through diplomatic solutions to restore peace and prosperity in the countries affected by war.

We believe that under no circumstances should the right of being treated properly be deprived from any cancer patient. A stable and secured social environment is vital for any treatment procedure. It is equally fundamental for surgeons to perform in stabilized conditions.

Proper cancer diagnosis and treatment should be delivered to all cancer patients. The access to surgical cancer surgery must be guaranteed. We call for sustained and uninterrupted access to essential healthcare and protection of health facilities, health professionals, patients, and medical supplies.

Through the European Cancer Organisation, we are also supporting the work of the WHO Emergency Committee in mapping organisations that can provide access to cancer treatment to refugees in order to mitigate some of the terrible humanitarian impact arising from the conflict.

We ask our member societies and individual members to consider contributing to these relief efforts. Peace is the cornerstone of all our actions.

We would like to extend our support to surgical oncology colleagues in Ukraine at this difficult times, as well as trainees. We believe that surgical training should continue and offer our support in providing training opportunities whenever possible.

Further information can be found on the ESSO website regarding securing medical care in Ukraine and Channels to support the Ukrainian Society of Surgical Oncology and cancer patients in Ukraine