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Interview with Hassan Z. Malik
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Interview with Isacco Montroni
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Precision Medicine aims to customize healthcare for individual patients by tailoring therapeutic decisions.
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Riccardo Audisio, Editor-in-Chief of the EJSO and Co-Guest Editor of the journal’s special issue on Precision Surgery, explains that Surgical Oncology is by far the most successful treatment option in the fight against cancer and he argues that the flag of ‘Precision Medicine’ should not be solely waved by Medical Oncologists. The surgical community should share the success, understand new treatment plans and be aware of recent progress.

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New roads in melanoma management
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Improved surgical techniques coupled with recent advances in adjuvant therapies are ushering in a new era of melanoma therapy, according to Piotr Rutkowskii (Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center, Warsaw, Poland). This EJSO Special Issue provides a wide overview of state-of-the-art surgery along with evidence-based information on new approaches in immunotherapy and targeted therapy. Melanoma remains a challenging malignancy, he says, but the outlook is improving dramatically. Here, he outlines the scope of the EJSO Special Issue to Helen Saul.

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